Welcome Message

It is a great pleasure to invite you for the II International Meeting of Pharmaceutical Sciences, X Annual Seminar of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program (PCF) that will be held at the State University of Maringa from November 19th to 22nd 2019.

We are planning a very interesting scientific program that gathers together national and international researchers with expertise in the different areas of interest of PCF. Our goal is to offer you a time to discuss innovations in the pharmaceutical area that support the development of new drugs based on the pillars of sustainable growth. The PCF students will also present their projects results which will certainly make an opportunity to promote integration between the postgraduate students and undergraduate students and institutions in Brazil and abroad.

The seminar scientific program will be also attractive for industry pharmaceutical professionals.

The Seminar activities also include mini-courses and poster sessions. We will also award the best oral and poster presentations.

In the Seminar web site http://simposio.ml/pcf2019/ you will find all the announcements, including the deadlines for abstract submissions and meeting registration.

We are looking forward to see you all in this event. We believe that the seminar will be a source for scientific exchange, networking and collaborative discovery with opportunities to developing skills you will need in your career.

João Carlos Palazzo de Mello

Coordinator of PCF


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